Missy’s spleen (not for the squeamish)

It’s a shocking thing to see, Missy’s spleen sitting on the operating table next to her. Its sheer size compared to her size makes it a wonder that she wanted to do anything at all.

Missy's spleen

Just a few days ago we were running agility. She was a bit sluggish and I thought her spine infection might have returned. If our vet hadn’t taken an xray to check, we might not have known about her spleen until it burst. Then so much about her cancer would have been far worse.

Our vet showed me another photo, one I don’t have. It showed the spleen cut open on the operating table. Inside was a large tangled mass, very ominous looking. The possibilities are: Hematoma (no panic needed), another option I can’t recall, and hemangiosarcoma (cold dread).

None of the vet techs made eye contact with us when we arrived to pick up Missy today. I think it must be hemangiosarcoma. We’ll see what the lab results tell us. We are so very sad and worried tonight.

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