Weighing the options

It appears we have three options to weigh over the coming days while Missy’s incision heals:

Missy post-surgeryChemotherapy

Chemo for hemangiosarcoma doesn’t lead to remission. It extends life…maybe. It is a toxic affair and the side effects include vomiting and diarrhea, and hair loss/hair stops growing. It is done once monthly for 3-4 months (I have seen reference to up to 6 months but our vet is advising three rounds). Our vet can administer the chemo or we can take her to the regional oncologist.

Palliative care

This option is about treating the symptoms but not trying to extend life. It is about making her comfortable and happy for as long as we can. Given that chemo results for hemangiosarcoma are not stellar, there is a strong argument for this option.

PSP (mushrooms)

There is a new kid on the block, an experimental treatment made from the Coriolus Versicolor mushroom (what we know locally as Turkey Tail). The medicinal mushroom extract’s key ingredient is Polysaccharide Peptide (PSP). A single study at Penn yielded promising results, though the sample was very small (15 dogs) and the study has not yet been replicated.

We’ve got a lot of research and conversation ahead.

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