Stitches out, chemo decision made

Missy’s stitches came out today and we spent a fair amount of time with Chuck, our vet, discussing the nitty gritty of chemo.

After countless hours talking it through and weighing the options, we’ve decided to go ahead with chemo. The first round will be next week, then one per month for 2-3 more months. If the chemo is terrible for Missy, and we regret the decision, we may well decide not to do any more rounds.

What were the factors that influenced our decision to go with chemo?

  • She’s in Stage 3, fairly early for hemangiosarcoma to have been diagnosed, and we feel aggressive treatment has some hope of extending a good quality of life for her.
  • She’s relatively young and otherwise healthy, and we feel she’s a good candidate for handling aggressive treatment.
  • I’ve found reference to one other small dog on the web who underwent chemo while on the mushroom extract. It sounds like that dog had no side effects from the chemo. While there’s no way to know whether or not the PSP had any impact, our vet and we feel it is worth doing them in tandem.

Ultimately, we want Missy to be happy and not suffer for as long as possible. We will not extend her life because of our neediness or pain. The “chemo decision,” then is one that we’ll no doubt continue to revisit over time as we see how things unfold. The “chemo decision,” is really a set of decisions we’ll make over time.

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