No side effects of chemo round one!

We can’t believe it — you’d never know Missy had chemo. She’s been happy, energetic, hungry, playful. We’ve gone on long walks and short hikes and she’s played a bit of agility in the yard with me. We’re relieved and a bit more hopeful now.

We had rubber gloves, cleanup supplies, piddle pads, xpen and crate, everything ready to clean up vomit and diarrhea. And we haven’t used any of it (though we have been very careful to scoop her poop and stay away from her licks, since her bodily fluids are toxic right now).

The only symptom has been her lack of interest in water since two days after the chemo treatment. She just stopped drinking it all together. After consulting with our vet, we’ve kept her hydrated by feeding her lots of chicken broth and adding broth to her meals — she’s taken the broth readily. On some of the warmer days I’ve also syringed small amounts of water into her cheek here and there during the day.

Our vet told us that days 4-7 after chemo were the ones to watch, since that’s when her white blood count could plummet. But we’ve seen no evidence of anything amiss. We’ll take her in tomorrow for blood work, but based on this first round, we have no qualms at all about going ahead with round 2.

She continues to get the I’m-Yunity mushroom PSP extract twice daily. We can’t help but wonder if the I’m-Yunity is responsible for the lack of chemo side effects.