Chemo round 2

Missy’s second round of chemo was this past Wednesday, one month after the first round. She came home from the day at the clinic pretty exhausted but she ate heartily and was in a good mood.

Just like last time, she stopped drinking water immediately. While last time we were able to get her to drink broth instead, she wouldn’t drink anything this time. We tried a variety of home-made and store-bought broths (chicken, beef, veggie, lamb, turkey, pork) and we tried watermelon and ice cubes. She wouldn’t touch any of them.

Two days after chemo, mindful that we had a weekend coming and no local vet access on weekends, we brought her into our vet for subcutaneous fluids.

Yesterday, which was three days out from chemo, she had a pretty down day. She didn’t really want to eat, still wouldn’t drink anything, didn’t really want to go out for walks, and just curled up and slept. We also thought she might be constipated so I did get her to eat some pumpkin puree and I gave her a small amount of fresh ginger inside a dog treat to help if she was nauseated. We stayed near her but left her alone except for administering water every few hours via syringe between teeth and cheek.

Today she’s much brighter. She ate breakfast enthusiastically, including quite a bit of broth. She’s had biscuits, gone on short walks, and played a bit with one of her toys. She’s been happy to let me rub her belly and give herĀ attention.

Like last time, she’s had no terrible side effects like vomiting, diarrhea, hair loss. Her hair grew plenty between rounds one and two of chemo and so she’ll get groomed again next week.

Missy continues to get two I’m-Yunity capsules daily, her only medication other than the chemo and a daily dog multivatimin. Can’t help but wonder again if the PSP in I’m-Yunity is helping keep the dreaded side effects at bay. Our vet also adminsters the doxorubicin very slowly over a period of two hours, instead of the usual 20-30 minutes, and he believes this also helps with the side effects.

Our little Missy Moo is coming up on two months since diagnosis.