Chemo round 3

Missy’s third and final round of chemo was on June 30. She handled it really well, continuing to eat and go on short walks.

Once again she stopped drinking fluids but we were able to get enough of them into her via mouth syringe that we didn’t need subcutaneous fluids this time.

She tires easily and her hair has changed color — she’s gone from being a black and white dog to being a reddish brown and white dog. She’s also developed wiry hairs on her chin, almost like little old lady chin hairs, and some of the hair on her body has gotten wiry instead of its usual soft curly texture.

So now we wait. No more doxorubicin. We’ll continue with the I’m-Yunity and are discussing post-chemo metronomic therapy options with our vet.

She’s a resilient little mutt, our Missy.

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