Missy lost her best friend

Missy and Smudge
Photo credit: Jo-Ann Gerde
Never in a million years did we imagine that Missy would still be with us on Labor Day but our other dog, Smudge, wouldn’t be.

Smudge died of cancer yesterday. We’re so shocked we can’t even quite believe it. It was adenocarcimona, a cancer our vet tells us unrelated to Missy’s.

Smudge had been ailing for a while and we’ve had him back and forth to our vet and to a holistic vet an hour away. The general diagnosis was IBS — his gut was just in turmoil all the time and getting him to eat has been a challenge for years.

We’ve been so focused on keeping Missy alive and comfortable that we were less focused on Smudge. Last week I said to my husband that I thought something worse than IBS was going on with Smudge and I took him in for an ultrasound. The ultrasound hinted at a mass near his liver. And in 10 days he was gone. It was all through him.

Missy is just so subdued today, as are we. She and Smudge were best buds and constant playmates. Three broken hearts in our home today.