20 months and counting

We’re celebrating Missy’s 20-month survival this week. Yesterday she hiked a mountain with me. On the weekend she ran agility courses. On Thanksgiving she and Chica hiked all the way around Goose Pond with us.

Missy and Chica at Goose Pond, November 2016
Missy and Chica at Goose Pond, November 2016

People ask us all the time why we think she’s still alive. We don’t know.

Did the pathologist get it wrong and she never had hemangiosarcoma? Possible, I suppose, but the path report reads pretty definitively. Is it the daily doses of I’m-Yunity? The chemo she had right after diagnosis? The post-chemo metronomic therapy? The low fat, high protein homemade cancer diet food I’ve been making since she was diagnosed? Blind luck?

We’ll never know. But we sure are going to keep doing what we’re doing.