Missy seems to have become tick-resistant

Ticks on Missy are dying without apparent reason.

It’s been a terrible tick season here in NH. We can walk the dogs in the back yard and find 2-3 ticks on each. After a hike, we may find many.

Missy vomited up her first NexGard of the season and I haven’t given her another yet. She’s taken NexGard in the past without a problem, but with all she’s going through, I’m hesitant to push the issue. On the other hand, because she’s immuno-compromised we’re only giving her the bare minimum vaccines required by law and we’re titering her for everything else. She is not getting the Lyme vaccine, so we need to do what we can to help her fight off the ticks.

But they’re dying on her without filling. The only meds she’s getting regularly are daily doses of I’m-Yunity and meloxidyl.

Our vet was very interested in Missy’s apparent tick resistance. He wondered, “Wouldn’t it be interesting to discover that the I’m-Yunity has a side benefit?”

Update, 28 August 2017: I emailed the folks at Penn who are studying I’m-Yunity and they haven’t had other reports of dogs seeming to become tick-resistant like Missy has: “I’m glad to hear that your dog is doing well with the I’m Yunity and that she’s such a tick slayer! I honestly have no idea if this could be related to the I’m yunity [sic] or not. It’s not something that any of my owners in the study have every reported. Interesting though!”

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