Almost 29 months surviving hemangiosarcoma

Next week it will be 29 months since we received the devastating news that Missy has hemangiosarcoma. It’s still devastating news, but every day she’s still with us feels like a gift.

Each morning I wake up, lean over her dog bed, and say, “Welcome to a new day, Missy Moo.”

Tomorrow she’s heading to a weekend agility trial with me. She tires easily, so I only enter her in a few runs. People who watch her run always comment about how her tail wags through the entire course. And people who know her story just shakes their heads in wonder and say, “Man, that dog just doesn’t look sick.”

Why oh why won’t dad give me any of that wicked good chocolate?

As far as we can tell, her condition isn’t changing or declining at all. She remains on the post-chemo hemangiosarcoma treatment plan we started two years ago.