Cure HSA

There’s a new website dedicated to the cure of HSA, created in memory of a beautiful Australian shepherd taken by hemangiosarcoma.

…We started this in response to the sudden loss of our 6 year old Australian Shepherd, Bear. We are going to do everything we can to fight hemangiosarcoma, and this website is our first step. It’s young now, and needs a lot more information in order to become a true resource for pet owners, but in the upcoming days, we will be adding a bunch of important information about this disease, including:

  • + Which dogs (breed, age, and other factors) are most at risk
  • + Processes for diagnosis and treatment that pet owners should be aware of
  • + Current research initiatives, explained in layman terms, that are helping fight this disease
  • + What events we plan on organizing in the upcoming year to raise awareness
  • + Interviews with vets and researchers about this disease.

Find out more at Cure HSA

12 Replies to “Cure HSA”

  1. Are there any promising cures?
    MY 12 year old Aussie, (Lady) was found with a tumor on Jan 17th. Vet diagnosed it, took her for second opinion (Feb 20th) to University of Florida, grim diagnosis. Tumor has tripled in size since. She doesn’t appear to be in any distress, but the wife is afraid she will suffer and wants to put her down now. We are short on time, any positive info is welcomed.


      1. It was discussed. It began in the blood vessels. I’ve been advised by the Oncology vet at University of Florida that it will appear elsewhere in time. Surgery would have only gained us maybe 9 months. And $5,000 that we don’t have.


  2. A Dr Ronald Levy MD at the University of Stanford has recently had great success with injections of certain enzymes that kill the tumor and seek other tumors in the body and kill them also. Not sure what the next clinical level will be but I have sent an email trying desperately to find out. The wife is afraid she is going to be in pain and wants to put her to sleep by the end of the week. If no response from Stanford I’m afraid I will have to agree. Can’t bear to see her suffer.


    1. Hemangiosarcoma is a blood vessel cancer, yes, and most of us find out our dog has it when a tumor appears somewhere or, as is frequently the case, the dog’s spleen bursts. I’m so sorry you’re experiencing this with Lady — it’s such an awful thing and an aggressive cancer.

      There are clinical trials with good promise, but nothing that is on the market publicly yet as far as I know. You can see if there are some trials Lady might be eligible for by going here.

      We had very good luck with surgery, chemo and the alternative over-the-counter therapy Missy has gotten, but as you point out, it’s an expensive commitment. We spent about $1500 on surgery, about $2000 on chemo, (we live in New Hampshire, where the costs are less than in more urban areas) and $100/month for the alternative therapy and other meds.

      I don’t know if this will be useful, but the Dog Cancer Survival Guide book has an excellent section on palliative care and how to decide when to let the dog go.

      Big hug to you, your wife, and Lady.


  3. Thank you for posting your blog & Missy is doing well ❤️🐾 We are following here in Ireland ☘️ Keep us posted on Missy’s progress, our little guy had his spleen removed & biopsy showed the dreaded disease, we are heartbroken but want to keep on top of it as much as we can, what steps would you suggest us to take? He is 2 weeks out of surgery & recovering well, its the best we have seen him in a long time, loads of energy, playfull, eating well & not sleepong as much, I’m afraid to go on in case I jinx it all on him, anyway thanks for all your insight, we are following, big hugs to Missy


    1. Annemarie, I’m so sorry to hear of your little guy’s hemangiosarcoma. It is heartbreaking news indeed. It’s good you got his spleen out of there. While there are some promising new therapies in clinical trials here in the U.S., chemotherapy remains the most readily available first line of attack against hemangio. Missy tolerated chemo super well — never even got sick; dogs don’t always react to chemo the way humans do. Do you plan to do chemo?

      Here’s some info on Missy’s chemo experience:
      Here’s some info on the alternative therapy Missy has been on since diagnosis:

      Please keep me posted on what you decide and how you’re all doing! Big hug from across the pond.


  4. I received responses from University of Florida and they sent me contacts for upcoming clinical trials. Unfortunately, these were all for continuing treatment after surgery and were 4 or 5 ststes away from us. The only one I have read that appeared remotely promising was the one at Stanford University in California. Was hoping for a joint effort between them and University of Florida. Not able to get my email to go through so never got a response from Stanford.
    Lady has almost completely stopped eating, even with the meds from the vet to help her appetite. We say goodbye to Lady today at 4 30. It’s going to be a very rough afternoon. She has been getting lots of car rides, which she loves…


    1. I’m so sorry, Harry. Hemangiosarcoma makes itself finally known so late in the game of its growth that it leaves our heads spinning, our hearts broken, and so little time to formulate any kind of game plan. Missy and I send you, your wife, and Lady our love.


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