33 months’ survival with hemangiosarcoma

Missy has reached the 33-month survival mark post-diagnosis with hemangiosarcoma. This isn’t a number we ever imagined we’d see!

She’s vibrant and bright, happy, and living a pretty full life of walks and play.

She looks really healthy, too — her eyes are bright and the whites are very white, and her hair has lost the reddish tinge it had developed for many months. Her weight is still a bit high, but she sure can hit high speeds when it’s cold outside and she wants to get back to the porch! We’re also not seeing the leg tremors very often anymore.

She continues to receive daily doses of I’m-Yunity and Meloxidyl, and right now I have her on a probiotic since she was on antibiotics for a month after November’s vestibular incident.

I’m not doing any agility with her right now, since she hasn’t fully recovered from that vestibular incident. She has trouble turning tight to the left and still has a slight head tilt at times.

We now call her the Amazing Missy Moo.