A day for celebration: Hemangiosarcoma survival for 3 years

Today is Missy’s re-birthday, three years to the day since her diagnosis with splenic hemangiosarcoma and the immediate removal of her spleen.

Does she really truly have hemangiosarcoma? It’s so rare (though not unheard of) for a dog to survive this long with it. We’ve asked our vet and he says the pathologist had no doubt.

Missy and Purple

So today we celebrate. Steak, with the fat carefully trimmed off, for dinner, and a teeny weeny bit of vanilla ice cream. A long walk if the weather holds off on the predicted snow, fun and games in the house if not.

She’s a firecracker. She’s only recently discovered a love of toys, raiding our other dog’s toy bin for the squeaky ones. The only toys she ever used to pick up were ones she took and buried in houseplant pots. But after watching our other dog play and play, she seems to have discovered a new joy.

Every day with her continues to be a special gift.

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