Something’s up with Missy

A little over a week ago, we noticed that Missy’s usual brightness and enthusiasm for life was muted.

As the week progressed, she grew increasingly lethargic and had no interest in playing with me in the agility ring. When Missy is feeling normal, she is quite vocal if I don’t include her in agility runs.

Her belly is bigger than it should be, though it may just be that she’s overweight. We’ve had trouble getting two pounds off her. Her eyes are kind of dull and sad, and she’s sleeping a lot. She’s reluctant to go on walks in the back yard and has stopped jumping up on the hassock her bed sits on. She hasn’t gone near a toy in days.

To me, she looks like she’s in pain or discomfort.

The only things normal are her appetite and water intake. And her temperature.

We took her to the vet yesterday and he’s concerned. An x-ray showed that her liver is enlarged and her intestines are quite inflamed and “thick.” Her heart looks great, though.

Blood work came back from the lab showing her white count is elevated, despite her lack of a fever. Another count — can’t recall what it was — which was slightly above normal at 200 when she had bronchitis February — has now skyrocketed to 1,000.

She’s going in for Cushing’s disease tests on Monday, as well as an ultrasound as soon as we can get on the books for one.

Could hemangiosarcoma be behind this? Yes, or a secondary cancer. Or something else entirely.

Keep your fingers and toes crossed for little Missy. She’s survived hemangiosarcoma for 37 months now. We’re greedy — we want more.

2 Replies to “Something’s up with Missy”

  1. Soda had her 3rd chemo and “A little over a week ago, we noticed that Missy‚Äôs usual brightness and enthusiasm for life was muted.” this describes how Soda is this last week. She has been so good and full of spunk and it just seems to be fading away and her eyes are not clear and looking for trouble like usual. She is only 9 and her tumor and spleen were removed Valentines Day. I want 37 months …..please.


    1. Rosemary, I’m sorry to hear you’re going through this with Soda and are now part of the club nobody wants to join. It strikes me that Soda’s demeanor could be due to chemo, and that would not be an abnormal response. Missy was lethargic after her third chemo too, then after a few weeks she started to bounce back. I hope that happens for Soda, too. Please come back and let me know how things are going, ok?


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