The end is near

Thanks to so many of you who have written to see how Missy’s doing. I know you know what this is like.

Missy’s got just a matter of days now. Each day we assess whether today is the day we take her to say good-bye.

She’s now on gabapentin for pain. For about 10 days the gabapentin returned her to a fairly normal life — eating regularly, interested in walks in the yard, barking for biscuits, picking up Purple, her favorite toy.

click to enlarge

As of a few days ago, though, we could see her regularly licking her enlarged belly, as though trying to soothe discomfort. We have to feed her four times a day now to keep her blood sugar from plummeting so low she becomes what we call “Flopsy Dog.” She’s sleeping most of the time, though she still has some moments of happiness and interest in doing things.

She’s enjoyed picnics with us almost every day, and we’re indulging her keen interest in food with all sorts of previously forbidden foods (she can’t believe she’d never met a slice of bologna before, or shredded Mexican chicken from the local taqueria).

Our vet told us that refusing food would be a strong sign that the end is very near. She’s eating quite happily and all bodily systems are functioning normally so far.

But I think she generally feels lousy. So each day we get up and see how she seems and decide if today is the day.

She’s made it almost 38 months. That’s a long fight with hemangiosarcoma.

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